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Impact 360 Gap Year is a 9 month Christian worldview and leadership experience located in Pine Mountain, GA for students 18-20 years of age.

What is Gap Year?

Impact 360 Institute Gap Year is a nine-month living and learning experience for 18 to 20-year-old high school graduates or those early in their college careers. The program features classes that focus on biblical worldview, life and spiritual formation, vocational understanding, as well as a one-month international experience.

Students from diverse experiential and ethnic backgrounds live and learn together in class and foster genuine Christian community through service projects both at home and abroad.

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Equipped For College And Life

Impact 360 Gap Year Equips Students Not Only For College, But Also

Month-long international immersion experience

18 hours of college credit

Leadership training from CFA

Hear The Stories For Yourself

As you meet some of our alumni.

Daniel Poeana
Torey Mayfield
Gihan Musa
Daniel Watts
John Mark Conklin
William Moore

$30 / person

Course Topics

PHL 379/450 Philosophy of Religion (3)

This course is a study of the philosophical attempt to understand the nature of God and the significance of religion and the life of man. An investigation as to the validity of the claim to a type of knowledge called "religious" and the methods whereby such is gained. Aspects of the discipline to be investigated include the role of religious language, the nature of religious knowledge, evidence for divine reality, and challenges to Christian theism.

MGT 379/318 Principles of Management (3)

This course introduces the management process through the activities of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.

PHL 279/240 Introduction to Philosophy (3)

This course helps students understand the world better by studying significant interpretations of self, the world, and God that have been offered by thinkers, both past and present – the major concerns of philosophy. This course will provide an introduction to Western philosophy from ancient to modern and postmodern times.

ICS 179/110 Introduction to Intercultural Studies (3)

This course is an introduction to the theoretical and practical issues related to cross-cultural communication and the effective managing and transferring of knowledge within different cultures. Participants will explore the fundamental tenets of intercultural studies which will prove valuable in future courses and in life. Watch this video to see how the students spend a month overseas to obtain this credit.

PHL 279/243 Introduction to Ethics (3)

An introduction to Christian ethics, focusing on methodology with a survey and comparison of philosophical, secular, and theistic perspectives on the moral life, then moves on to develop a comprehensive evangelical approach.

CHR 279/295 Contemporary Christian Life & Practice (3)

Contemporary issues related to practical and ethical issues from a Christian perspective. Topics: vocation, time/resource management, marriage relationships, conflict resolution, evangelism, church involvement, Christian worldview, devotional life, and practical ethics.


$30 / person

Louie Giglio
Pastor, Passion City Church, Passion Conferences, sixsteps records

I can't think of anything better between high school and the college years than to set aside time to discover God, explore the world and fine-tune your vision for the rest of your life. That's what Impact 360 is all about, combining great teaching with practical experience preparing your role in God's amazing story.

John Stonestreet
Summit Ministries and Colson Center for Christian Worldview

The fact is higher education is a terrific asset, but only if students know how to own their own education and not just merely jump through the hoops laid out for them. The fact is higher education can strengthen a students understanding of the world and even their faith, but only if students are clear about what is true about the world and how they can know it. The leadership of Impact 360 understands this, and their team prepares students for success in owning their faith and their future.

Del Tackett
The Truth Project

I'm excited about the future. You meet with these young folks and their love for the Lord and their desire to learn. The things that are going on here at Impact 360 will have a major effect on their life...and I'm thankful to be a part of it.

Josh McDowell
Christian Author and Radio Host

It is no longer someone else's job to worry about the next generation and what kind of leaders they will be. It is our responsibility as Christian leaders to work to produce young people who are grounded in Truth and who are willing to influence the world by living Christ-focused lives. Impact 360 offers a program designed to meet this challenge, and believe me, the next generation of leaders will be better because of it.

Kathleen W. Carper
President, South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools

I am impressed with the caliber of godly leadership which is in place for Impact 360. I am also excited about the difference this gap-year opportunity could make in shaping the futures of participating students, helping them to delve deeply into the foundation of Christianity, bolstering their faith and equipping them for future challenges.

Faculty / Staff

The Gap Year team works, prays and laughs together in our mission to provide students with a loving, educational and adventurous community. Each of us is dedicated to the Lord’s service and desires a generation of young people who long to change the world through the love of Christ.

Trent Wilbanks
Director, Gap Year
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Jonathan Morrow
Director of Creative Strategies
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Ed Bort
Associate Director of Academics
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Eric Turner
Director of Operations
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Alex Blount
Learning Community Coordinator
Bekah McDonald
Learning Community Coordinator
Karen Jordan
Logistics Specialist
Krista Autrey
Service Learning & International Coordinator
Hannah Purdie
Enrollment Coordinator
Nikki Gentry
Enrollment Specialist

Lifeshape, Inc. continues to play a vital supporting role through such activities as providing grants for Gap Year students needing financial assistance. You can donate to this fund and help a student by clicking here.


$30 / person