Immersion FAQs

Q: How do I apply to Impact 360 Immersion?

A: The Impact 360 Immersion application can be found here. Watch the full video about Immersion.

Q: What is the location of Impact 360 Immersion?

A: Impact 360 Institute is located:

100 Impact Circle

Pine Mountain, GA 31822

Google Map

Note: Friends and family are welcome to send letters, cards, and your student’s favorite cookies to them while at Immersion! (Please use your student’s name when you send).

Q: What airport should I fly to and how should I get to campus?

A: ATL Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the best location. It’s approximately 1 ½ hour from Impact 360’s campus. If you fly in to ATL on the day of registration (Sunday, July 8, 2017) by 1PM, then Impact 360 Immersion staff members will be there to receive you and take you to Impact 360. On the last day of Immersion (Saturday, July 21, 2018) we will also take you to the airport after 12:00PM for flights leaving at 2PM and later. Our closing program will end at 11:30AM, so we will not be able to take students to the airport for flights earlier than 2:30PM.

Q: What are the 2018 dates for Impact 360 Immersion?

A: The dates for Impact 360 Immersion 2018 are July 8, 2018 – July 21, 2018.

Q: What does Impact 360 Immersion 2018 cost?

A: The cost for Impact 360 Immersion 2018 is $1,699.00. This all-inclusive price will cover every cost associated with Immersion including all of our off-campus excursions. This price does not include travel and expenses to and from Impact 360 or Union University college credit. We recognize this is an investment in the spiritual growth of your student. In light of this we encourage families to consider raising support for their student(s) to participate in Immersion. Think of it as a real-life worldview and leadership mission trip. Immersion is a life-transforming experience and is well worth requesting the financial partnership and support of friends, fellow church members, coworkers and extended family members. For your convenience and to help make this more manageable financially, we have made payment plan options available when you check out.

Q: Should my son or daughter bring spending money?

A: Yes. Your son or daughter will have the opportunity to buy books and merchandise from the Impact 360 store, and also various opportunities to buy drinks and snacks both on campus and during our off campus experiences. $100.00 should be adequate spending money.

Q: How does my son or daughter obtain Union University college credit?

A: Union University college credit should be obtained through registering your student and completing the online form in the registration process, then submitting that form to Mitch Aldridge at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). The cost for Union University college credit will be shared upon requesting more information. This must be paid in full before Immersion begins. Checks should be made to Impact 360 Institute.

Q: Where can parents stay overnight when we’re dropping-off or picking-up our students?

A: The best place to stay locally is the Mountain Creek Inn. MCI features free WiFi, a swimming pool, exercise facility, and is located less than 2 miles from Impact 360 Institute.