Highly interactive, engaging the head, heart, and hands.

Intentionally designed for students ages 13-18 who want to influence their peers for Christ. Propel includes a variety of training styles such as speaking sessions, hands-on peer leadership initiatives, small groups, and lots of fun!

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Our Vision for Propel

The vision for the Propel is to equip Christ-centered influencers by providing a catalytic conference experience focused on training students to live with their identity rooted in Christ, to engage in community, and influence their peers.

This Year’s Theme: Ignite

This experience is meant to help students understand what the Bible says about their God-given identity, how to live in intimacy with God and Christian community, and influence others by being a person of integrity. In addition, our students have the opportunity to continue learning on this topic long-term with our Propel Coaches.

Conference Topics


The Bible has a lot to say about who we are in Christ. At Propel students will walk away with a solid foundation to build on.


Community is a crucial part of our walk with God and the key to loving our neighbors. At Propel students will experience vibrant Christian community, that they will learn to replicate in their daily life.


Influence is our capacity to change the world around us. Students will walk away from Propel with a personal influence action plan so they can implement what they've learned.

Propel Facilitators

The Impact 360 Propel Facilitators have each completed our nine-month Gap Year experience, have received professional training in how to communicate with and equip Christian teenagers in biblical worldview and leadership.

Jonathon Morrow
Propel Director

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Mitch Aldridge
Student Engagement Team Leader & Propel Facilitator

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Brad McDonald
Propel Coordinator & Lead Propel Facilitator

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Hannah Purdie
Propel Facilitator

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Nikki Gentry
Propel Facilitator

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